Ground Source Heat Pumps for Luxury Housing Developments

A ground source heat pump is the perfect heating solution for luxury new-build homes. A highly efficient Kensa ground source heat pump can fit discreetly inside a property to provide 100% of all heating and hot water needs, plus cooling capabilities.

Why choose ground source heat pumps for a high-end development?

Meeting compliance demands

Ground source heat pumps provide a carbon-compliant solution to Building Regulations. Ground source heat pumps are Future Homes Standard ready, enabling developers to satisfy Part L and Part O regulations.

Smart and sleek aesthetics

Kensa’s ground source heat pumps are a high-quality appliance for customers buying high-end new-build properties. The cleverly engineered and modern design of the Kensa Evo ground source heat pump allows homeowners to benefit from effective low-carbon heating without sacrificing the visuals of the property.

Add value to properties

A ground source heat pump futureproofs homes with renewable heating, adding value and enhancing saleability. It is a sophisticated and stylish system that fits comfortably inside the house, protected from the outside elements, allowing a 20-year lifespan with minimal maintenance needs.

A sustainable solution

Choosing ground source means carbon savings of 77% compared to fossil fuel boilers. The average UK gas boiler emits more CO2-equivalent emissions in a year than seven transatlantic flights.


Ground source heat pumps are the most efficient heating system available. For every 1kW of electricity used, they deliver 3 to 4 kW of heat. Boasting an A+++ energy efficiency rating, the sophisticated Kensa Evo is ideal for luxury new-build homes.

Adaptable to all project types

Various heat sources and ground arrays can be used for luxury developments. Horizontal pipework, known as slinkies, can be installed in shallow trenches dug in surface soil on exposed land. Vertical ground arrays, known as boreholes, can be drilled into the rock, providing a space-saving solution. Water is a highly efficient heat source, and submerged pipework on pond mats can be used in lakes, and other water sources.

Ground source gives a more stable, year-round, constant temperature, and it was something that the prospective buyers bought into as well...ground source is hidden away, you forget about it. In terms of sustainable heating, ground source is going to be the way forward.

James Hall, Director, Churcham Homes

Why choose Kensa Heat Pumps?

The UK’s most popular brand of ground source heat pumps since 1999.

Kensa Heat Pumps supplies cutting-edge heat pump technology suitable for all types of applications. With products produced in our UK manufacturing facility, all of our heat pumps carry the Made in Britain accreditation.

Kensa provides unparalleled levels of service and support, with a dedicated Technical Sales team assisting throughout all elements of your project. 

About Kensa Heat Pumps

The team have been really good. Kensa are one of the first to pop up when you search ground source heating, they are UK-made with good reviews and competitive costs. A great initial sales team, helping out with what we needed - we received good support.

James Hall, Director, Churcham Homes

What is the best ground source heat pump for luxury developments?

The Evo ground source heat pump

Best residential heat pump for: Ultra-low carbon developments.

Boasting the highest of efficiencies in Kensa’s heat pump range, the Evo’s environmental credentials make it a unique selling point for developments – and purchasers can enjoy stable running costs with a sleek unit seamlessly fitted in their new home.

Its modern appearance makes it the perfect fit for luxury new-build homes. Plus, its superior intelligent system and controls mean the heat pump’s performance is constantly optimised.

Explore the Evo series

Ground source heat pump case studies for luxury developments

Ullenwood Court, Churcham Homes

Ultra-modern and efficient Kensa Evo ground source heat pumps are being installed in a development of 26 large luxury family homes in the Cotswold countryside as part of a development by property developer Churcham Homes. The stylish properties will include indoor swimming pools and saunas, en-suite bathrooms, cinema and gym rooms, and green roof terraces.

With sustainability in mind, Churcham Homes opted to feature low-carbon ground source heat pumps. Built with stunning unimpeded countryside views, the Evo fits compactly inside the homes without impacting the properties’ exterior aesthetics.

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Netherfield development

Netherfield, Probus

In a picturesque village near Truro, overlooking a stream and fields, a trio of £1m luxury three-floor newbuild Cornish homes were constructed featuring highly efficient Kensa ground source heat pumps. With its efficient output and stylish design, the Evo model made the perfect heating and hot water solution for the development.

The high-quality finish of the modern properties was not hindered by an outside unit, with the ground source heat pumps comfortably fitting in discreet areas of the house. The ground source heat pumps come with cooling capabilities that can be configured at a later date if needed.

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