Hook Farm Barn, West Sussex

Ground Source Review: Hook Farm Barn - Front View

Ground Source Review: Hook Farm Barn Conversion.

This project saw Kensa install two three phase heat pumps in an innovative barn conversion.

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Ground Source Review: Hook Farm Barn Conversion

This project features an innovative barn conversion that yielded two high end residential properties called The Granary and Hook Farm Barn. These are now under separate ownership and lived in by Richard and his family.

The property was originally a dairy and the buildings had lain vacant for a while. So the job was a complete refurbishment with a heating system being installed in the properties for the first time.

The barns run on a three-phase electrical supply so Kensa installed two Twin Compressor Three Phase heat pumps to provide space heating.  The pumps are fed by 50m slinkies in horizontal trenches, with a 12kW supplying The Granary and a 16kW supplying Hook Farm Barn.

Richard did a lot of research into ground source heat pump systems and found the Kensa website very helpful in making his decision to use ground source. His son-in-law also knew somebody working for the Department of Energy and Climate Change who had suggested the technology was suitable for this project.

He initially financed the installation through the RHPP and received a grant payment for each of the separate systems. He is now going about claiming the RHI (this scheme has now closed – please visit this page to explore other funding) through an uplift application being organised by Kensa which will see him receive regular quarterly payments from the Government for the next seven years. Richard said that without this financial assistance, he is unlikely to have been able to go ahead with the project.

Richard suggested that anyone considering installing a heat pump should make time to do as much planning as possible and don’t underestimate the costs involved. He says as well as researching the ground source heat pump system you need to research the installer and ensure you’ve got the best person for the job.


Key Facts

  • Twin barn conversion with no existing heating system
  • Three-phase electrical supply
  • x2 Twin Compressor Three Phase heat pumps to provide space heating
  • 50m slinkies in horizontal trenches
  • RHPP grant payment and RHI uplift (this scheme has now closed)