Kensa Tubing

Kensa Heat Pumps has released a new video showing how best to unroll coiled slinky pipe for a ground source heat pump installation.

The video can be viewed here. 

Darren Veal, Technical Sales Support & Commissioning Engineer at Kensa, is the video’s lead presenter.

He says:

We get lots of questions from installers checking to make sure they’re following the correct procedure for unrolling their slinkies, so we thought this video would be a useful asset. We’ve tried to quickly and simply explain the process and provide a visual reference showing how to handle the equipment.

The video also covers how to shorten or lengthen a slinky by unrolling or creating additional loops as needed without altering the physical length of the pipe. My top tips for installers would be to ensure the return pipe is rolled out carefully to avoid any kinks or damage, only use sand in your trench if protection from any sharp stones or debris is required, and whatever you do, don’t cut the slinky pipe!”

In the short instructional video, professionally produced and shot in the grounds of Kensa’s Head Office in Truro, Cornwall, (which is also heated using a ground source heat pump with coiled slinky pipe submerged in a flooded mineshaft), two members of Kensa’s technical support team demonstrate how to unroll coiled slinky pipe.

The process involves removing the pre-coiled slinky from its packaging and carefully positioning and rolling out the coil, separating each pre-made loop to avoid overlapping. It then consists of laying out the return pipe alongside and attaching it to the coils with cable ties.

Click here for more information on slinkies or call 0845 680 4328 to discuss the sizing, spacing, design or installation of slinkies in more detail with a member of our team.

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