Ashden Award Winners 2021

Kensa Social Impact Fund

Addressing inequalities which have a disproportionate impact on disadvantaged communities

Following our win at the 2021 Ashden Award for UK Climate Innovation at COP26, Kensa was awarded £10,000 to help encourage the greater use of local sustainable energy to address climate change, alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life worldwide.

Kensa’s has pledged to utilise the Ashden Award prize fund to develop a Social Impact Fund, establishing a lasting legacy from having won the awards, focusing on positive social and environmental impacts.

Social Impact Fund: Making an impact at ground level

One of our primary motivations is to improve the lives of end users of our installations as much as possible. When installing ground source heat pumps this could mean that we are providing affordable warmth for those who were previously in fuel poverty, often facing the unbearable choice between heating or eating. Whilst installing a ground source heat pump will help to alleviate fuel poverty, as well as create a cleaner and healthier environment, we realise that the time between client enquiry and actual installation can mean that the very residents identified as being in need continue to face the burden of unaffordable heat. To bridge this, our fund will provide immediate and direct financial assistance to those that we identify as being in the most need of support.

The fund could enable us to provide direct intervention, either in the form of food vouchers or by being able to pay the heating bills for the coldest months for those most in need. We believe this will have a significant positive social and mental health impact, especially as we enter a period of increased energy prices and the potential of the energy price caps being lifted in the coming year.

We will also look to offer fuel poverty identification training to enable the swift support of those struggling with measures delivered through the fund, as well as providing advice and access to other support mechanisms.

Additionally, when we install the ground arrays around buildings that are being fitted with Kensa heat pumps, we could also provide increased biodiversity measures through this fund. This could be in the form of planting wild meadow flowers to encourage bees and butterflies to be attracted to the area which will, in turn, impact the rest of the local ecosystem. We can also provide food growing plots that residents can enjoy through the year by enabling them to plant and grow fruits and vegetables, nurturing an affordable healthier, more organic, and sustainable lifestyle.

We will look to grow this innovative fund in the coming years through direct contributions from Kensa and our supply chain partners, supporters, and advocates. Through the transition to 2050 net zero with ground source heat pumps, we will leave an immediate and lasting legacy for all to embrace the journey to net zero.

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