Cascaded ground source heat pumps

A new suite of online resources to help customers identify the best configuration of ground source technology, and analyse the associated costs and savings, has been launched by UK manufacturer Kensa Heat Pumps.

The new website sections on showcase a number of typical costed examples and schematics for innovative ground source system architectures that can be applied across a variety of domestic and commercial scenarios. See:

Customers can review estimated costings for the supply and installation of the Kensa heat pump and ground array equipment, alongside projected running and servicing costs. The examples also show how costs can be offset by the generous income available through the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI: this scheme has now closed – please visit this page to explore other funding) scheme.

Housed in the ‘Solution Centre’ section of Kensa’s website, the ground source system architectures explore traditional configurations, as well as more complex scenarios, including modular cascaded systems and district heating schemes.

Paul Dennison, Sales Manager for Kensa, says:

This body of work is our response to requests from the market. Kensa understands that when a customer is considering ground source heat pumps, they want to see a breakdown of the associated costs and understand what the return on investment would be.

Ground source heat pumps aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ technology. They can be used in a wide variety of different applications in various project set-ups, including cascaded, district and micro district. Through this work, Kensa is keen to share our innovative, solution-focussed approach with customers to open their eyes to the possibilities of our technology.

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