Cornish Engineers

Kensa Heat Pumps is proud to be inspiring the next generation of engineers alongside some of Cornwall’s leading manufacturers with a new brochure aimed at the county’s young student population, inviting them to engineer their career.

Launched at a recent careers show and distributed across the county, the glossy guide produced by the Cornwall Manufacturers Group showcases apprentices, managers and managing directors from across Cornwall that have made the move into manufacturing. The engineering industry, famously known for priding itself on ‘changing the world’ pays a 30% higher than average salary for the county and the brochure highlights other rewards in this exciting sector.

Featured in the brochure is Kensa’s Product Development Engineer, Kinana Youssef. In the brochure she discusses her journey to a renewable future in engineering from Damascus to Paris to… Truro in Cornwall!

Kinana says:

I love this job. The blend of physical work on the test rig combined with the problem solving, analysing, supply chain management and more recently being mentored in project management, has given me invaluable experience.

Ken Martin, secretary of the Cornwall Manufacturers Group says:

The UK is the 9th largest manufacturer in the world. Cornwall’s 1100 manufacturers contribute just under £800m per annum to the local economy and employs over 16,000 people. The industry is growing, is diverse, offers something for everyone and is enormously valuable to the growth of the county and to those who are part of the manufacturing scene.

We wanted a brochure that highlights all of this, that recognises Cornwall’s incredible industrial talent and that attracted a new generation to consider engineering as a rewarding career path. With hundreds of brochures flying off the stand at the careers fair, we hope it has opened the eyes of Cornwall’s students to the enormous opportunities available in the county.

The Cornwall Manufacturers Group is now visiting schools and colleges across the county, distributing the guide and advising on apprenticeship opportunities. The project is funded by Futureworks through the Manufacturing Schools Links project.

For more information or a copy of the brochure, please visit

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