The Kensa Group were delighted to have been asked to shoot a short film for Countryfile focusing on the push for green jobs to reach the UK’s net zero targets.

The 10-minute segment aired on BBC One at 8 pm on the 2nd of July, featuring young people across The Kensa Group and supporting industries that need rapid growth to reach the government’s targets of installing 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028. It explores how the pioneering Heat the Streets project and a new generation of engineers are vital for the UK’s drive for green energy.

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Time stamp: 12:35.

The short film, narrated by John Craven, recognises that one of the biggest challenges for the UK going green is getting houses off of gas and onto renewable energy grids to heat our homes, like the Networked Heat Pump model that is demonstrated at Kensa’s Heat the Street project in Stithians.

The episode takes viewers through how ground source heat pumps work and the green jobs needed to roll ground source heat pumps and networked heat pumps out across the country. They chat to Max, a project manager at Kensa about why he got into the renewables industry, as well as drillers Tom and Luke from GroundSearch about the drilling of boreholes for the heat pumps underground infrastructure.

The Kensa Heat Pumps factory is also featured, including a talk-through of the new demo heat pump. Additional team members are interviewed about working in the manufacturing industry and their motivations to be in their roles. It finishes with insights from MD of Kensa Utilities, Wouter Thijssen who shares the central drivers of his career and the need to get more young people into the workforce.

Catch up on iPlayer

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