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The Kensa Group, manufacturer and installer of ground source heat pumps, has been listed as one of the 100 fastest-growing, founder-led private companies in Britain as part of the inaugural FEBE Growth 100 list.

Following the COVID pandemic which posed unprecedented economic and emotional challenges for founders across the country, the FEBE Growth 100 recognises and celebrates 100 of the UK’s founders who have led, and continue to drive their businesses, to deliver significant sales revenue and consistent profit.

Kensa co-founder, Guy Cashmore, said,

I am especially proud that the intentions, goals and business ethics we started with 23 years ago remain intact, the heat pumps we sell today – while vastly more sophisticated and efficient – remain true to the original concept.

Our innovative products have cumulatively saved tens of millions of tons of CO2 entering the planet’s atmosphere and our engineering led approach delivering efficiency and running cost savings with a no-nonsense product, is a winning combination for our clients and end users.

The ultimate ranking of 100 was data-driven, with companies ranked by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in sales over the last two financial years.

Kensa Group has been through a period of accelerated growth in the last two years, bringing in highly skilled professionals to grow the business from 70 to 180 employees.

The Group’s manufacturing facility increased its production by 150% during the pandemic, breaking records for the number of ground source heat pumps made in the UKand is working towards a further twofold increase in capacity by 2023.

Group revenue has doubled, from £15.5 million to £31.5 million, cementing the organisation’s position as UK market leader in a time when the market is growing rapidly and seeing increased competition.

FEBE Growth 100 ambassador, Jenny Campbell added:

I’m very proud to be part of something that celebrates and supports the very best British entrepreneurs and their companies. FEBE Growth 100 focuses on true entrepreneurialism. Founders are unique: their experiences, their vision and their resilience are unlike anything else. So, we want to celebrate these ‘dare to doers’ and shine a light on the incredible accomplishments of some of the finest and fastest-growing companies in the country.

Kensa co-founder, Richard Freeborn commented,

Since first developing the technology in the late 90’s, I have always been convinced that because Kensa’s ground source heat pumps are the lowest cost way to heat any building in the UK – as well as emitting the least carbon – there is no doubt that the future lies with our technology.

Kensa is already the UK’s largest low-carbon heating company – and one of Cornwall’s largest employers – but expansion both at home and overseas will now accelerate very quickly.

Miranda Freeborn-Swan, Kensa’s former longest-serving Director, added,

Kensa’s success is born of ingenuity, tenacity and unswerving dedication to both customer satisfaction and employee well-being. It’s great to know that the FEBE growth 100 list will shine a light on those qualities, celebrate what’s best in British entrepreneurship today and support the emerging businesses of tomorrow.

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