In response to the recently announced Energy Strategy, James Standley, Chief Operating Officer at Kensa Group, said:

“Kensa welcomes the announcement and the move to greater energy independence and a lower carbon, more sustainable future. The Government’s Energy Strategy contains some sensible and bold decisions on energy production, although it’s a shame that these steps are only being taken now rather than a decade or two ago.

“There was a disappointing absence of any demand reduction ambition, such as energy efficiency measures, that would help consumers who are struggling with the current energy and cost-of-living crisis, faster – it is very much a long-term strategy.

“That said, the announcement of a £30million Heat Pump Investment Accelerator Competition to fund the manufacture of more heat pumps here in the UK should be celebrated – we look forward to more details on this being announced. Heat pumps are the best way to reduce actual energy consumption, transforming the way we heat our homes. Significant investment is needed now to realise their full potential.”

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