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Ground Source Review: Flagship Group.

During Spring 2016 Kensa Contracting completed a compact and challenging heating upgrade programme for the Flagship Group featuring 11 properties on an estate in Fressingfield built in 2010. The project showcases the largest variety of communal ground source heat network designs installed on one site to date.


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Ground Source Review: Flagship Group

The 11 properties at Fressingfield feature flats, bungalows, semi-detached and detached houses. The diverse make-up of the site demanded an innovative approach to the heating system design with each requiring a bespoke solution for the heat pump, cylinder and radiator location, resulting in four distinct communal shared ground loop array designs.

The four different array designs featured at Fressingfield were architecturally challenging, each demanding a unique schematic to overcome access, layout, and size constraints.

Kensa’s unique shared ground loop array design provides each of the 11 property’s its own 6kW Shoebox ground source heat pump offering heating independence and the freedom to switch energy suppliers, whilst providing efficiencies across the communal heat network and a guaranteed return from the RHI (this scheme has now closed – please visit this page to explore other funding) for the Flagship Group.

I am really pleased with my new heating system and it is already saving me money. I was paying £100 per month to my electricity supplier. They have now reduced this to only £20 per month as I am now so much in credit! Based on my current usage, they think my bill will eventually settle down to £40 per month. The house is also much warmer which is great.

The heating is brilliant. The house is now warm all the time which is a big improvement on the old electric heaters. We are also making big savings on our running costs. Previously I was paying £80 per week but this has now dropped to £40 per week – which is amazing considering we are warmer than before.

It is expected each tenant will save on average £350 a year as a result of their new Kensa ground source heat pump system.


Key Facts

  • Kensa Contracting managed scheme
  • 11 properties built in 2010 (flats, bungalows, houses)
  • Feature five shared ground loop array configurations
  • 6kW Shoebox heat pumps
  • Eligible for Non Domestic RHI (this scheme has now closed) & ECO
  • Replacing electric panel heaters

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