Together Housing, Daisyfield

Ground source review: Together Housing, Daisyfield

As Together Housing expands its scheduled works with Kensa Contracting, Shoebox ground source heat pumps will be retrofitted across three tower blocks in Blackburn. The project features an innovative trial of medium-depth boreholes.


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About the Daisyfield project

A retrofit project with Kensa Contracting and Together Housing will see the replacement of gas for ground source in 183 flats in Blackburn. Installing Shoebox heat pumps across three tower blocks, the scheme aims to tackle fuel poverty, reduce heating bills and combat carbon emissions for residents. The expansion of scheduled works extends to this project –  in Daisyfield – which comes after the success of an ongoing three-year programme with Together Housing.

This project is expected to save a whopping 6,556 tonnes of CO² – the equivalent of taking 1,416 cars off the road for a whole year.¹ It will also incorporate a trial of medium-depth boreholes, further saving on space and mobilisation costs.

Decarbonisation of homes with Together Housing

Patrick Berry, Managing Director of Together Energy Services, talks of the installations beside fellow commitments to home improvements:

This is a challenging and complex project combining the replacement of the heating system alongside the installation of a sprinkler system, new alarm system and upgrade of the buildings’ electrical infrastructure. All of this is being completed with the tenants in their homes. We are therefore delighted to be working with Kensa Contracting to both manage and deliver this project for the benefit of our tenants and the decarbonisation of our stock.


Key Facts

  • Three tower blocks, 183 flats
  • An innovative trial of 84 boreholes up to 300m in depth
  • Total of 16,146m pipe
  • Kensa Shoebox heat pumps on Shared Ground Loop Array
  • Estimated lifetime carbon savings of 6,556 tonnes of CO2