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Trent & Dove Ground Source Review - Kensa Contracting with staff & residents - The Carters

Ground Source Review: Trent & Dove Housing.

This multi-award winning Kensa Contracting delivered programme of retrofit ground source heat pumps helped 133 tenants out of fuel poverty within just three months.


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Ground Source Review: Trent & Dove Housing

In Spring 2015, Trent & Dove Housing and Kensa Contracting delivered the UKs most ambitious heating upgrades programme of its time, replacing electric night storage heating with Kensa ground source heat pumps connected to shared ground loop arrays over 133 one and two-bedroom bungalows over 15 different sites throughout Burton-upon-Trent.

As a result of the success of this project, Trent & Dove subsequently embarked on a second phase of heating system upgrades to ensure more of their tenants benefited from this reliable renewable technology.

Completed over a three month period, the Trent & Dove scheme features clusters of shared ground loop arrays over fifteen sites, feeding heating and hot water into pairs of bungalows, enabling upfront capital support via the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) subsidy alongside twenty years of Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI: this scheme has now closed – please visit this page to explore other funding) income.

Each bungalow received a 6kW Kensa Shoebox heat pump and new hot water cylinder and radiators in place of its previous night storage heating.

Steve Grocock, Director of Property Service at Trent & Dove Housing comments:

We have calculated there are around 200,000 bungalows in the country that match the profile of those which we have just upgraded to ground source heat pumps; these are homes that are off the gas network, electrically heated, and in fuel poverty – or very close to it.

We have seen an immediate saving on tenants energy bills – many of whom are elderly and vulnerable – as a result of our upgrades programme, which we see as being key to reducing fuel poverty and excess winter deaths in our stock; the fact that 30,000 deaths nationwide every winter are deemed ‘preventable’ (according to the Office of National Statistics) is just unacceptable. Small measures such as replacing night storage heaters with more efficient and affordable ground source heat pump systems can make a big difference – in fact, in some cases, it is the difference. We should all be doing this – what are you waiting for?


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Key Facts

  • Kensa Contracting managed scheme
  • £1.8m investment
  • £2.3m ECO and RHI income for 20 years (this scheme has now closed)
  • Shared ground loop arrays
  • Retrofit individual Kensa 6kW Shoebox heat pumps
  • 133 bungalows across 15 different sites
  • Three month schedule
  • Tenant fuel savings of £350-£500 per annum