Holiday Accommodation


Take a permanent holiday from heating bills

Get paid to give your guests warm holidays all year round with ground source heat pumps. 

Ground source heat pumps offer a safe, efficient, rewarding and reliable means to deliver heat and hot water to all forms of holiday accommodation, be this holiday lodges and chalets, holiday parks, holiday cottages or even B&B’s, and all associated heat demanding buildings and facilities.

Whether you have one holiday let or a holiday park, ground source heat pumps will make use of the free energy stored in the ground or in water sources such as lakes and rivers to significantly reduce the cost of heating your properties – especially if your options are limited to electric heating or LPG.

And thanks to a guaranteed Government scheme – the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – holiday property owners receive a generous and profitable income stream for the renewable heat their ground source heat pumps generate, so you get paid for keeping your guests warm and happy, and we keep your energy bills down!

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Why choose ground source?

See how Kensa’s ground source heat pumps can reduce your energy bills, generate you an income, and improve your holiday accommodation’s profits:


A guide to ground source in holiday accommodation:


Utilise your sites natural resources and enjoy...

  • Clean, safe, reliable renewable heating;
  • Save over 50% in heating & hot water bills;
  • 20 year income stream for the free renewable heat generated through the Government’s RHI incentive scheme;
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 60%;
  • Get 100% of your park’s heating & hot water from renewable energy, all year;
  • Payback in 8-10 years and continue to benefit from RHI payments and energy cost savings thereafter;
  • Virtually maintenance free with 20 year operational lifetime;
  • Scalable and quick to install;
  • No ugly LPG tank;
  • No ugly or noisy air source units;
  • No bulky biomass plant;
  • No more fuel deliveries;
  • No heating back-up required;
  • No visual or audio impact;
  • Clean, safe and no noxious gases.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP)?

A ground source heat pump provides heat by transferring solar energy stored in the ground (or other heat sources), and upgrading this to a higher temperature to provide your home with all the heating and hot water it needs.

Ground source heat pumps are powered electrically, but because they are able to capture such a high proportion of “free” energy from the ground, they produce up to 3 or 4 times more energy than they consume, making them highly efficient compared with other forms of heating.

The heat pumps are extremely reliable and durable, requiring no annual safety inspection and little ongoing maintenance. They are also exempt from planning permission as they meet permitted development rights criteria.


What is the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

Government introduced the RHI to encourage the installation of renewable heating systems, helping to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions.

Holiday properties qualify as commercial installations, so the Non Domestic stream of the RHI provides quarterly payments for 20 years to the property owner for heat produced by the ground source heat pump.



What are ‘heat sources’ – and how are they used?

Heat sources are all around you; soil, rock layers, ponds, lakes – even a stream or the sea!

Heat sources absorb solar energy, like batteries, which are constantly, naturally replenished. Ground source heat pumps connect to these heat sources via ‘ground arrays’, extracting the energy to provide free heat and hot water. To extract the sources heat energy ground array pipework is buried in trenches in coils (slinkies), installed vertically (boreholes), or submerged in coils (pond mats) – and the pipework lasts 100 years! The diagram above shows these options.

Refer to the above interactive diagram to find out more about types of heat sources and ground arrays.


Having a ground source heat pump is a unique selling point for the properties; lots of customers appreciate the fact that we have a sustainable heating system installed. We won our local Sustainable Tourism Awards in 2014, and obviously the ground source heat pump system played a big part in this victory.

Mrs Robinson, owner of Broadgate Farm

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