Your Land, Your Heat.

Discover ground source heat pumps today.

You might not know it, but the ground around your home is an unlimited source of clean, renewable energy.

A Kensa Ground Source Heat Pump allows you to make the most of it. Plus, with a £7,500 government grant and 0% VAT, it costs less to install than you might think.

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The most efficient renewable heating technology

Zero carbon emissions or pollutants

Quiet, unobtrusive and no planning required

Fit and forget technology lasting 100 years

Heating, hot water and cooling

Safeguarded against fluctuating running cost prices

Sophisticated system that fits comfortably inside the home

Energy independence, with no reliance on fuel deliveries

Why is a ground source heat pump perfect for your rural property?

Make the switch to ground source

Despite the myths, ground source heat pumps can be installed in almost any UK property, don’t leave a mess and give you energy independence – whether you live in an urban new build or a rural cottage.

Now is time to talk to Kensa about how you can be truly ground-breaking. Ground source heat pumps cost less than you think with a £7500 Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant and 0% VAT.

Smart & sustainable heating

A ground source heat pump absorbs low-grade energy from your land to deliver all of your heating and hot water all year round. It can be as smart or simple as you like – integrating with controls, radiators, underfloor heating or fellow renewable technology to give you low-cost and low-maintenance heating.


Futureproof your rural home

Ground source heat pumps futureproof your property, add value, and protect against fluctuating energy prices.

No planning is required, and the unit is easily installed inside your home to provide 100% of heating and hot water needs. Benefit from a quiet and unobtrusive heating solution compared to an oil tank or air source heat pump.

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Kensa were excellent, if we needed anything we could speak to someone straight away and get what we needed.

5 Star Reviews

Property owner - Higher Orchid Farm

Enlist Britain's no.1 ground source manufacturer

Why choose a Kensa heat pump to do the job?

  • Kensa is solely committed to manufacturing ground source technology, which means there’s more room to create the best, most efficient heating and hot water for your home.
  • Manufactured in our very own factory in Cornwall, our ground source heat pumps are made especially for British buildings. This makes them simple to install and perfectly compatible with British homes.
  • Your investment pays back in many ways – stable running costs, carbon savings, unrivaled aftersales support. Our dedicated technical support team is only a call away throughout the lifetime of your heat pump.
  • Kensa’s heat pumps are cleverly designed to work with any smart control app or system – an energy-saving phenomenon that adds to the ingenuity of time-of-use electricity tariffs.
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Kensa’s technical support: five stars all round

"Kensa really are a first class British engineering success story. Great products and brilliant customer service. If you are thinking heat pump, you must contact them and put them in the mix in my opinion."

5 Star Reviews

"We have had a Kensa heat pump for many years as early adopters of the technology. It has been really reliable with minimal problems. "

5 Star Reviews

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