Purge Pump For Ground Source Heat Pumps

Kensa recommends the Clarke SPE1200SS (part no. 051012200) to purge ground arrays, in order to remove air in the pipes to avoid the heat pump system freezing. The pump comes ready to take a 1” BSP fitting.

As a kit, Kensa Heat Pumps provides 2 x 1” BSP Male Iron to 28mm Speedfit connectors. This will enable the pump to be connected to the slinky manifold using 28mm Speedfit or similar pipes and elbows.

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How to fill & purge a ground source heat pump

It is advised that installers purchase a Clarke purge pump to enable commissioning of future systems. The Clarke SPE1200SS can achieve as much as 5 bar pressure against a closed valve, so ensure the connections to the pump and manifold are robust.

Watch this video to learn how to fill and purge a heat pump system.

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