Fortuna House, Cornwall

Ground Source Review: Fortuna House - View of Property

Ground Source Review: Fortuna House.

Kensa installed a 21kW Twin Compressor Single Phase unit to cover space heating and domestic hot water requirements in a property complete with underfloor heating and heated towel rails.

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Ground Source Review: Fortuna House

Fortuna House was originally built by John Berridge’s father as a farmhouse. John has extended the property twice since taking over ownership to house four bedrooms and three bathrooms. He initially added a newbuild grannie flat on the side as an adjoining dwelling, which he then extended to contain two bedrooms and one bathroom.

The properties were previously on an oil boiler system, so John decided to install a ground source heat pump to save money on his energy bills, and provide more sustainable heating. Kensa installed a 21kW Twin Compressor Single Phase unit to cover space heating and domestic hot water requirements across both properties. He has applied for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI: this scheme has now closed – please visit this page to explore other funding) which has ensured that the figures stacked up to make the project financially viable.

Although the property has enough land area for slinky trenches, John decided to have boreholes as they cause minimal disruption to the land and do not create any waste material. He had initially expected to need four boreholes at a depth of 100m, but due to problems with ground water, just one was drilled at this depth, with six 50m boreholes being drilled to provide the rest of the ground array.

They have installed underfloor heating throughout the newbuild flat, along with heated towel rails.  Radiators have been fitted to all rooms without underfloor heating, and the system is providing hot water to both properties. John’s nephew has been installing the system, and has found it an interesting project. He has been fitting ground source systems for a number of years, and it is on his recommendation that John went with Kensa. The project is due to be completed in the next few weeks.

John appreciates the fact that Kensa is a local Cornish company and has found the technical team especially helpful in supporting the installation. He would advise other customers thinking of installing a ground source heat pump to take into consideration any measures that are needed to improve the building’s current insulation, as adding extensive underfloor heating  to his property has added an extra cost to the project.

Key Facts

  • 21kW Twin Compressor Single Phase unit
  • One 100m and six 50m boreholes
  • Replacing an oil boiler system
  • Underfloor heating and heated towel rails
  • RHI payment to offset installation costs (this scheme has now closed)