Rural Farmhouse Retrofit

Ground source review: Rural Farmhouse Retrofit

Two Kensa 15kW Evo’s were installed to deal with the heating and hot water demands of an old farmhouse conversion with a swimming pool in a picturesque rural farm in the South West of England.




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Ground source review: Rural Farmhouse Retrofit

Making the switch to efficient & renewable ground source heat pumps

As part of a barn conversion project, the owners of Higher Orchid Farm wanted to replace their inefficient and expensive oil heating with a more efficient heating system. They were also keen to futureproof their property with a low-carbon alternative to avoid reliance on fossil fuel deliveries and protect against fluctuating energy prices. The solution: Kensa Evo ground source heat pumps.

Ground source heat pumps are the most efficient renewable heating technology available. They deliver 3 to 4 kilowatts (kW) of heat for every 1 kW of electricity they consume. No planning permission is required to install them, and they last for up to 25 years with minimal maintenance needs.

Higher Orchid Farm consists of a 7-bedroom farmhouse conversion and an indoor swimming pool. One A+++ efficient Kensa 15kW Evo was installed to provide heating and hot water for the house, and another was installed to heat the swimming pool. A large lake on the property made the perfect heat source, as water has a higher heat transfer rate than the ground. Coiled slinky pipes attached to steel frames, known as pond mats, were submerged in the lake to extract heat energy from the water to be used by the Evo ground source heat pumps.

Switching to ground source heat pumps from oil allowed the property owners to benefit from running cost savings. Plus, government grants helped with the cost of the heating replacement. The owners told Kensa:

With the cost of oil, it is saving without a doubt.

Kensa’s support team was on hand throughout the process to help coordinate all project elements. An installer working under Kensa’s MCS Umbrella completed the installation, operating at Kensa’s high standards.

We had been recommended Kensa as a first class and local ground source heat pump manufacturer and installer. They were excellent, if we needed anything we could speak to someone straight away and get what we needed.


Key Facts

  • 7-bedroom farmhouse conversion
  • Oil heating replacement in an off-gas rural property
  • Heat and hot water provided to the house by a 15kW Evo connected to 3 x pond mats
  • Swimming pool heated by a 15kW Evo connected to 6 x pond mats
  • Significant running cost savings made by switching from oil

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