Pond Mats For Heat Pumps

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Water source heat pump pond mats

Kensa Heat Pumps manufacture and supply ready-made pond mats for ease of installation with all Kensa ground source heat pumps where a water source is available.

Kensa pond mats are specifically designed to ease installation while maximising the energy absorbed from the water. The pond mats can be weighted and sunk to the bottom of the water source or attached to the underneath of a floating pontoon.

Kensa pond mat features

  • Each pond mat will extract approx 7kW of energy from the water source.
  • Kensa pond mats feature coiled slinky pipe attached to corrosion-resistant stainless steel frames.
  • Coiled pipe is secured to a corrosion resistant stainless steel 304L or 316L round bar TIG welded frame.
  • Each pond mat consists of black 250m of 32mm OD High Density Polyethylene (HDP) pipe.
  • Safe food grade glycol and water mix is circulated around the Kensa pond mats.

Useful technical downloads

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