Next steps to become a Kensa Partner

Before you can access the Kensa Partner Network we recommend you attending a course to receive a Heating and Plumbing qualification.

To sign up for the Kensa Partner Network you will need to hold a current Heating or Plumbing qualification such as:

  • Water Reg
  • Gas safe
  • G3
  • LTHD
  • MCS
  • Part P

Find a course near you:

National Careers

If you’re a homeowner looking for project specific support please get in touch with

Work with Britain's leading ground source specialist

Why choose to become a Kensa Partner?

    • Access to Industry Expertise and Cutting-Edge Technology: Ensure you stay at the forefront of the renewable energy sector with direct access to Kensa’s extensive knowledge, experience, and innovative ground source heat pump technologies.
    • Comprehensive Support and Training: Benefit from Kensa’s robust support system, including technical assistance, marketing resources, and training programs designed to enhance your business.
    • Expanded Business Opportunities: Leverage Kensa’s strong market presence and reputation to attract new customers and projects, increasing your business’s growth potential and market reach.
    • Sustainability and Environmental Impact: By aligning with Kensa, you help reduce carbon footprints and support the UK’s environmental goals, making your business a part of the green energy revolution.

The Kensa Partner Network: five stars all round

"Kensa staff are helpful and friendly, and they invest time in supporting their installer partners through advice and training. No other manufacturers I know of give detailed support with system design and sizing for any installer at any level – Kensa is unique in that respect."

5 Star Reviews

"Kensa has proven invaluable to work with. The support from initial specification to final commissioning and beyond really is second to none. Quality service seems to be frustratingly a dying art nowadays and Kensa really has their A-to-B relationship polished."

5 Star Reviews

"I did my first GSHP install in 2014 which is when I first encountered Kensa. Right from that first job, they gave me plenty of support, and our relationship developed from there. I am proud to be a leading installer of Kensa heat pumps."

5 Star Reviews

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