Is a ground source heat pump right for you?

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1Based on what you've told us...

We'd recommend a


It provides heating and hot water and lives inside your home.

*Heat pumps in excess of 17Kw use a cascaded heat pump system where two or more heat pumps are used.

2It generates heat by using energy stored in the ground

The energy is collected from either slinkies, boreholes or pond mats.

We think slinkies would be the best option for you. They cost less to install and are hidden a metre below the surface.
We think boreholes would be the best option for you. They require less space to install.

3You would benefit from

  • "Fit-and-forget" technology designed to last 100 years.
  • Low-carbon heating & hot water.
  • Heat pump designed for a 20-year life expectancy with no servicing required.
  • Option to provide cooling during the summer months.
  • Outperforms air source heat pumps, especially during winter months.
  • Lower running costs compared to air source heat pumps.
  • SMART heating capabilities for enhanced energy efficiency and control.

4Your annual running costs would be*

Ground Source
V's other heating systems
Air Source
Natural Gas
** running cost savings compared to air source heat pump over the 20-year life expectancy of a ground source heat pump appliance.

5Your annual carbon emissions would be

Ground Source
V's other heating systems
Air Source
Natural Gas
Compared to oil, the carbon savings are equivalent to  annual car miles from a petrol engine.

*Running costs are generated using rolling three month average figures from the Nottingham Energy Partnership.
**The 20-year cost comparison includes a £7,000 air source heat pump replacement, typically required after 10 years.
This calculator was updated November 2023.

6Can it be fitted in my home?

Ground source heat pumps can be installed in any home. Explore our case studies below.

7What are the estimated costs?


You could be eligible for the , providing off total installation costs.

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SlinkiesBoreholes and complete system installation

- - *

* The installation costs are rough estimates based on parts, labour, and typical budget for system changes, such as radiator upgrades.

Estimated total costs with funding applied - -

Disclaimer: The figures shown in this tool are guides only. This is not an estimate. If you would like to receive a full estimate, bespoke to your project requirements, please apply using our quote request.

Zero Rated VAT on Heat Pumps

You could be eligible for a 0% VAT rate for domestic purchases of heat pumps. 0% VAT is available to homeowners until 31st March 2027. Full details can be found at VAT on energy saving.

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