British market-leading green energy company, the Kensa Group, is calling on the Government to act NOW to eliminate energy crises’, like the one Britain is currently experiencing, by investing and legislating a secure, sustainable and self-financing future built on renewable energy grids already available.

The 20-year established ground source heat pump specialist is backing a simple 3-point plan:

  1. Create more green electricity: Around half our electricity is currently made by burning gas, continuing a reliance on foreign supplies and ongoing expenditure. If the UK invested in increasing renewable electricity sources such as offshore wind and solar, we could be more self-sufficient. Decoupling our electricity from gas will allow renewable energy to be delivered more cheaply.
  2. Balance the levies: The UK needs to address the disproportion between the levies currently causing electricity to be more expensive than gas. We need to balance this bias so it is properly proportioned against carbon emissions. This will allow the cost benefits of efficient low carbon electric technologies, such as heat pumps, to be fully realised.
  3. Rapidly decarbonise heating: In tandem with the first two steps, Kensa is urging the Government to focus efforts on rapidly decarbonising heating. Switching to low carbon, electric heating will provide a cheaper, greener and more reliable future.

Networked heat pumps provide a viable pathway to a greener Great Britain for the lowest cost, lowest carbon and lowest grid impact. By installing the underground infrastructure required for ground source heat pumps a whole street at a time, properties can be linked to heat networks, such as Heat the Streets in Stithians, Cornwall.

Kensa is confident that its plan for a Greener Great Britain – one that is free from fossil fuels – can solve the ‘energy trilemma’ currently threatening to plunge two thirds of UK homes into fuel poverty by 1st January and stop the UK falling short of its targets to halt climate change.

The UK’s reliance on gas threatens energy independence, resilience and flexibility. Networked heat pumps offer flexibility and grid balancing, especially with Kensa’s new flexible storage heat pump technology currently being trialled.

Solving the ‘energy trilemma’ requires addressing three often conflicting challenges; ensuring energy security, providing access to affordable, clean energy, and achieving environmental sustainability – which the UK is struggling with currently.

With the energy price cap increasing by 20% in January 2023 due to the energy price guarantee scheme which started on 1st October, more households are likely to fall into fuel poverty. The UK is particularly vulnerable to volatile gas and electricity prices because failings in past policies mean we have no energy storage and are reliant on buying expensive energy from overseas.

Dr Matthew Trewhella, CEO of Kensa Group, said:

It is clear we need a future free from gas – free from price hikes, overseas market forces, air pollution, climate damage and energy instability. We must accept the need to decarbonise and take swift and significant action towards creating a greener Great Britain where clean energy is affordable and accessible.

Heating is responsible for a third of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, 24 million homes in the UK are heated by gas boilers, and – as fossil fuel technology can continue to be installed in new build homes up until 2025 and existing homes in 2035 – this number is still rising.

The UK has just over 27 years to remove gas boilers in line with becoming net zero by 2050 and so they need to start to be removed, at the rate of 1 million per year. The British government needs to act NOW to achieve these targets.

Dr Trewhella furthered:

The decarbonisation of heating should be a key priority and right now we need bigger picture thinking. A Networked Heat Pump solution provides a tangible pathway for a widescale and rapid transition away from gas to renewable energy for all properties; commercial, residential homes and tower blocks. It is available right now as demonstrated by our current project with Thurrock Council.

Networked heat pumps provide the lowest overall cost transition to a cheaper, greener and more reliable way to heat our homes. They provide the same levels of comfort and warmth, whilst safeguarding the future of our planet and protecting people against the very real threat of fuel poverty.

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