Shropshire Rural Housing: Retrofit

Ground Source Review: Shropshire Rural Housing Retrofit - Happy with the outcome

Ground Source Review: Shropshire Rural Housing Retrofit.

This two phase heat pump project with Kensa Contracting saw over sixty homes in rural Shropshire upgraded from electric night storage heaters to Kensa ground source heat pumps with shared ground loop arrays.


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Ground Source Review: Shropshire Rural Housing Retrofit

Shropshire Rural Housing Association (SRHA) is a small rural housing association with over 270 deeply rural homes throughout the county. As the majority of their rural homes are off the gas grid they are heated by electric storage heaters. These heaters have been unpopular due to the cost of running the heaters and lack of controllability. The Association knew they had to replace the storage heaters to achieve better efficiency, but with no access to mains gas the options were limited and unaffordable.

Using the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme Shropshire Rural Housing Association and Kensa Contracting embarked on a programme of works to efficiently and cost effectively transform the heating in a quarter of their housing stock.

Kensa Contracting co-ordinated the delivery of the works to a time sensitive schedule to ensure eligibility for the funding; 38 retrofit installations were swiftly carried out between October 2013 and March 2014. Following the success of this first phase, SRHA and Kensa Contracting were awarded funding via the RHPP Reach Out programme for a further 25 homes in June 2014.

The objective of undertaking the installation of ground source heat pump systems in our homes is to give our tenants control over their heating, reduce their energy costs and invest in modern low carbon technology to reduce our carbon footprint. Feedback from our tenants has confirmed that this has been achieved as they now have control over their heating using the system to deliver better comfort levels at a reduced cost.

Bryan Powell Chief Executive of SRHA


Key Facts

  • Kensa Contracting managed scheme
  • Retrofit
  • Social Housing
  • Semis Detached Housing & Bungalows
  • 63 installations in total
  • 80 - 100m individual borehole ground arrays
  • 4.3kW & 6.2kW Kensa High Temperature Single Compact heat pumps
  • Displacing electricity - night storage
  • Radiator heating distribution system
  • Average unit size 50-80m²
  • Fast Track & Reach Out RHPP Programme
  • £235,000 RHPP Fast Track & £171,000 Reach Out grant value