United Communities Kensa Contracting Project, Shaldon Road, Bristol

Summary: Bristol continues to build on its ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030 with a highly sustainable development of affordable homes featuring 50 individual Kensa ‘Shoebox’ ground source heat pumps connected to an ambient shared ground loop array, installed by Kensa Contracting.


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The Shaldon Road scheme is being delivered by national contractor United Living in partnership with United Communities and the Bristol Community Land Trust, with the support of Bristol City Council and Homes England. The scheme will integrate community development with high levels of energy efficiency and environmental enhancements.

Built to ‘PassiveHaus’ principles, the energy efficient properties will provide owners with a high level of tenant comfort while using very little energy for heating and cooling, minimising each home’s carbon footprint.

Kensa’s ‘Shoebox’ ground source heat pumps will be installed into each individual dwelling delivering an exceptionally efficient, low-cost and low-carbon heating and hot water system for residents. In addition to the development’s numerous other ultra-green credentials and residents ‘self-finish’ approach, the project hopes to set a new standard for truly sustainable community development.

George Gillow, Business Development Manager, Kensa Contracting:

It is a pleasure to be involved in the development of high quality, energy efficient housing, specifically built for local families, whilst also helping Bristol to reduce their CO2 emissions and improve local air quality with British-made ground source heat pumps.

Read the full story at kensacontracting.com

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