Shoebox Ground Source Heat Pump

Discover Kensa’s award-winning Shoebox ground source heat pump series, featuring the world’s smallest & quietest ground source heat pump.

Shoebox Heat Pump: In Brief

  • The multi award-winning Kensa Shoebox Ground Source Heat Pump embodies the most advanced ground source heat pump technology in the most compact of packages.
  • Comfortably installed inside the home, generating heat at the point of use; no plant room, no distribution heat losses, no overheating.
  • The perfect space-saving solution for smaller properties.
  • Exceptional acoustic design and insulation for quiet operation.
  • Provides both space heating & hot water.
  • Produce temperatures up to 65°C.
  • ErP A+ efficiency rated.
  • Energy Networks Association (ENA) Connect & Notify approved.
  • The perfect pair with Shared Ground Loop Arrays, with no need to split-bills, each Shoebox ground source heat pump offers independent heat and billing.
  • Revolutionises heating specification in flats, achieving carbon reduction & SAP targets, and reducing fuel poverty.
  • Dimensions HxWxL (mm) – 530 x 475 x 370 (3kW).



  • 3kW and 6kW models meet modest heat demands.
  • Produces temperatures up to 65°C.


  • High specification acoustic hoods and single vibration isolation reduce noise and vibration (47dB – 52dB).

Power saving

  • DNO friendly low starting current as standard.
  • Energy Networks Association (ENA) Connect & Notify approved.
  • Two temperature set points (one for heating, one for domestic hot water) produce the required heat at the highest efficiency without the need for costly direct immersion heaters.
  • Weather compensation fitted as standard.

Components & Installation



  • Designed to be installed inside the home, typically a kitchen or airing cupboard.
  • 22mm valved connections on top of the heat pump with flexible pipes.
  • For example system schematics and heat pump prices for Shoebox Ground Source Heat Pumps connected to Shared Ground Loop Arrays, visit our costed examples page here.

Warranty & Accreditations


  • 5 year warranty for the heat pump unit.
  • 2 year warranty for the controller and water pumps.
  • 2 year internals warranty


  • MCS
  • ISO9001
  • ErP A+
  • Energy Networks Association (ENA) Connect & Notify approved
  • Product Innovation of the Year, National Heat Pump Awards 2013
  • Business Innovation of the Year, South West Green Energy Awards 2013

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