Buffer Tank for Ground Source Heat Pumps

Kensa has partnered with leading cylinder manufacturers to design and produce buffer tanks for specific use with Kensa ground source heat pumps. Buffer tank models available include:

    • 100 litre Advance Appliances two connection compact mild steel square tank
    • 100 litre McDonald buffer vessel SB100
    • 150 litre McDonald buffer vessel SB150
    • 200 litre McDonald buffer vessel SB200

Other buffer tanks are available upon request as a special.

Read our blog about buffer tanks here.

For orders or advice call: 0345 222 4328
Or email: enquiries@thekensagroup.com

Buffer tanks at a glance

Buffer vessels

The aim of a buffer vessel is to remove the possibility of any short cycling of the heating appliance.

Kensa heat pumps and buffer vessels

Kensa’s system designs are specifically designed to remove the need for buffer vessels, by leaving approximately 25% of the heating zones hydraulically open.

Fully Zoned Heating Systems

If full control is required over all the heating zones then Kensa would recommend the use of a twin connection buffer vessel as this is the most efficient way of using a buffer vessel.

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