From £840

Kensa has partnered with leading cylinder manufacturer, Advance Appliances, to design and produce stainless steel mains pressure cylinders featuring enhanced surface area coils specifically for heat pumps.

Three bar operation provides a store of mains pressure water on demand.

The vessels are manufactured from corrosion resistant Duplex Stainless Steel which enables an industry leading 25 year guarantee for the shell of the cylinder.

Available in a range of sizes in single and twin coil unvented tanks.

For Orders or Advice: 0345 222 4328

Tanks are supplied with

  • Pressure and temperature relief valve – 7.0 bar/90°C
  • Pressure reducing valve – 3.0 bar control
  • Safety relief valve – 6.0 bar
  • Immersion heater – 1 3/4” – 240V – 3kW
  • Expansion vessel – 3.0 bar charge
  • Flexible hose for expansion vessel – supplied loose
  • Mounting bracket for expansion vessel – supplied loose
  • Tundish- 1/2” x 22m
  • Cylinder twin thermostat** – control and high limit
  • Motorised valve** – 240V

**for solar tanks only.


The twin coil cylinder contains a second coil so it can be installed to allow solar thermal to heat the domestic hot water in the summer with the heat pump taking over during the winter. The cylinder operates equally well solely using the heat pump, providing the possibility of the solar being installed at a later date.