Evo install at Pantyrhiw

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Robert Harvey and I’m the founder of Limitless Energy. We are a family business and accredited heat pump installer. We design and install both traditional heating and renewable energy systems in Wales and beyond.


Tell us about the job…

The customer approached us, as we had previously installed an air source heat pump for his son. He already had Solar PV and so was receptive to the idea of renewable heating technologies.

He wanted to replace the old, inefficient night storage heaters in his property to reduce his outgoings and make the family home more environmentally friendly.


What was your solution?

We advised him that a ground source heat pump would make a reliable and efficient alternative. There is a field adjacent to the property, which was perfect for a slinky ground array.

The property has a wood-burning stove providing adequate hot water, so the customer was looking for a space heating solution only. We suggested a 13kW Kensa Evo ground source heat pump system.


Why did you choose to use Kensa’s products?

Limitless Energy had performed maintenance on some of Kensa’s Shoebox heat pumps at a job elsewhere, and they seemed robust and effective pieces of kit. We also knew that Kensa is the industry’s top ground source heat pump manufacturer, so it made sense to approach them.

We were impressed with the level of support we received. Kensa handled the sizing and design of the ground source heat pump system, and it was great to be able to download helpful factsheets and manuals direct from their website.

What is your feedback on the new Kensa Evo ground source heat pump?

This was the first Kensa Evo unit we had installed, and the fact that it needs very little maintenance is a bonus. We would definitely recommend it to other renewable installers.

We also liked the new interactive system controller – it was great to be able to see the performance running figure as a percentage on the screen and this helped with the commissioning of the system.


Were there any challenges with this installation?

The installation went smoothly. We had a team of people who completed the groundworks and installation of the heat pump and new wet radiator system within 10 days. We did have a bit of a learning curve when the location of the heat pump was changed halfway through the installation, and we had to make some modifications to the pipework from the manifold to the heat pump!


What are the benefits to the customer?

The renewable heating system installed by Limitless Energy provides 100% of the customer’s heating demand whenever they need it. As well as substantially lowering their running costs, it will also earn them approximately £25,200 income from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI: this scheme has now closed – please visit this page to explore other funding).

The Kensa Evo ground source heat pump has been in for almost a year and it has run perfectly through one of the coldest winters’ we’ve had in years, so the customer is very happy!



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