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Kensa Contracting are pioneers in the use of ground source heat pumps at scale throughout thousands of social housing stock, old and new.

Kensa Heat Pumps’ multi-award winning Shoebox heat pumps and shared ground loop array system design, evidenced in multi-award winning Kensa Contracting social housing ‘blueprint’ schemes, have transformed how housing association’s provide low cost and low maintenance heat to their residents.

Kensa’s ground source heat pumps with shared ground loop arrays bring social housing communities together, helping to eradicate fuel poverty and lower the carbon emissions of UK housing.

Newbuild Social Housing Kensa Heat Pumps

Award-winning solutions for social housing

Whether in the design and construction of new social housing or for replacement heating system installations in social housing stock, rising fuel prices, concerns over long term energy security and the need to tackle climate change all mean that there is a compelling need for social landlords to provide residents with the lowest heating and hot water costs and highest levels of energy efficiency.

To reduce reliance on fossil fuels and preserve our natural energy resources, alternative heating solutions which harness renewable energy and reduce overall energy consumption must be considered.

In existing homes space and water heating accounts for almost three-quarters of a typical household energy bill; tackling the cost of heating is vital to lower fuel poverty and improve health and well-being for social tenants.


Whilst in new homes increasingly stringent legislation in the form of building regulations is driving the need for low carbon alternatives to traditional heating.

The UK Government has ambitious, legally binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 (on 1990 levels). The production of heat from renewable technologies like ground source heat pumps is a key objective in achieving this.

Kensa’s community centric ground source heat pumps linked to Shared Ground Loop Arrays literally bring communities together – old and new – to eradicate fuel poverty and dramatically reduce carbon emissions through an innovative and cost effective approach to community scale heating.

Rewarding Heating Upgrades

Fuel poverty and tenant well being is high on the agenda for social landlords. When it comes to retrofit heating system upgrades, Kensa ground source heat pumps connected to shared ground loop arrays offer tenants an easy-to-use, fit-and-forget solution delivering constant heat, improving property and living conditions, whilst significantly lowering running costs and generating an income through the Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and an upfront grant through the ECO.


Commonly used to replace ageing night storage heaters and costly exhaust air heat pumps, Kensa’s Shoebox ground source heat pump fits easily into an airing cupboard often underneath a new hot water cylinder to distribute renewably sourced hot water and heat via upgraded radiators, providing 100% of the property’s needs

With the support of Kensa, Trent & Dove Housing has achieved an outcome that many housing associations dream of; halved tenant energy bills, halved CO2 emissions in our stock, improved tenant health and well-being, and £2.3m of income through the RHI to off-set our £1.8m investment – and all of this in just 3 months.

More housing associations should be doing this - what are you waiting for?!

Steve Grocock, Director of Property Services, Trent & Dove Housing

Future Proofed New Builds

Building Regulations are requiring more energy efficient homes with lower CO2 emissions than ever before.

New build social housing stock future proofed with Kensa ground source heat pumps benefit from easier carbon compliance with significantly reduced CO₂ emissions and air pollution, lower tenant running costs, reduced overheating and the option to enjoy free ‘passive’ cooling.


Developments of as few as two dwellings, including flats, are perfectly suited to the pairing of Kensa’s Shoebox heat pumps with Shared Ground Loop Arrays, attracting 20 years of quarterly payments through the Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The scalable shared ground loop borehole array infrastructure can be deployed in sections at the groundworks stage as the development progresses, offering minimal disruption and complete flexibility.

Our Wellbeing Plan commits us to a continual improvement in our energy use and carbon footprint. This project is a fantastic example of how we can use renewable energy sources to help reduce our carbon footprint, tackle fuel poverty and support the global agreement to achieve net zero emissions by the second half of the century.

Rebecca Hazlewood, Flagship Housing Group

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