Connecting communities to savings

Kensa’s innovative heat network system architecture features an individual heat pump at each dwelling linked to a communal ground array, also known as district heating.

The number of properties linked to any communal ground arrays typically varies between two and twenty and is dependent upon the phasing of the build programme, site layout characteristics and the type of dwellings.

A series of arrays can be adapted to any size of output, at any phase of the build, so does not impose high upfront costs characteristic of a central boiler plant system.

Unlike traditional ground source heat pump designs which feature an individual borehole per dwelling, with each borehole effectively over-sized to protect against exceptional heat demand at any single property, the communal approach reduces drilling costs by featuring a smaller number of deeper boreholes.

Micro heat network systems include:

  • A Kensa ground source heat pump for every dwelling
  • A micro district borehole array to serve clusters of at least two dwellings
  • A domestic hot water cylinder for every dwelling
  • A new wet central heating system
  • Controls for every dwelling
  • RHI compatible heat metering equipment for every dwelling

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Kensa will also provide:

Feasibility & Design:

  • Detailed feasibility study
  • Clear cost and return analysis
  • Property surveys and EPCs
  • Geotechnical survey
  • Full MCS compliant system design


  • Tenant liaison
  • On site project management of:
    – Drilling contractors
    – Heating system contractors
  • Commissioning and hand over

Compliance & Support:

  • Access ECO funding
  • Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliance and application
  • Comprehensive system warranty
  • Remote access meter readings
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Responsive maintenance

Complete project solution

Kensa’s approach is very different to typical suppliers. Fundamentally we are first and foremost a manufacturer. However – whether for new build or refurbishment schemes – our specialist delivery arm, Kensa Contracting, takes care of the full design, delivery, compliance and post installation support of our systems for our social housing customers.

We think this is absolutely key, both to ensure the quality and sustainability of the installations, but also to ensure that delivery is seamless, well managed, hassle free, uses specialist contractors, and is cost-effective.

It also enables us to ensure you are getting the very best financial return from the RHI and ECO, as we design and install the systems to take best advantage of these schemes.

Kensa's innovative borehole array has helped us access funding and ultimately made this project a possibility."

Ben Ashfold, General Practice Surveyor, North Devon Homes