Go green & get rewarded with ground source heating

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) pays you for the energy your ground source heat pump produces; offering an average seven-year income of £26,000!* It ends 31st March 2022.

The electrically-powered heat pump can create 4kW of energy for every 1kW it consumes. It's energy-efficient, provides low-cost heating bills and requires no servicing.

A Kensa heat pump delivers heating and hot water without combustion or air pollution. You can actually reduce your carbon footprint while saving and earning money.


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"I had a Kensa heat pump installed in 2017. It has worked really well and saved significantly on space and water heating costs."

5 Star Reviews

Martin - Google Review

Why is a heat pump perfect for your home?

Smart & sustainable heating

A ground source heat pump absorbs low-grade energy from the ground to deliver 100% of your heating and hot water all year round. It can be as smart or simple as you like – integrating with controls, radiators, underfloor heating or fellow renewable technology to give you low-cost and low-maintenance heating.

Savvy with saving money & carbon

A Kensa heat pump is clever enough to save energy, money and carbon even further.

When combined with smart controls, the electrically-powered heat pump takes advantage of time-of-use electricity tariffs – shifting its consumption to times when electricity is at its cheapest and lowest in carbon.


Ground source vs. air source

Can’t decide between a ground source and air source heat pump? Easily installed inside the home, a ground source heat pump offers the lowest running costs and the most rewarding RHI.

Meanwhile, an air source heat pump is kept outside, meaning that winter and night-time efficiency is affected by colder air temperatures – increasing running costs and decreasing RHI returns. If noisy and unsightly, the unit may also need planning permission.

Although an air source heat pump can be cheaper upfront, the long-term cost-saving benefit of ground source is clear. Unlike air source, the inherent efficiency of ground source heat pumps means they can deliver the best return from the RHI – giving you payback on your investment typically in five or six years.

Dig into funding opportunities

Kensa’s masterclass will teach you how to make the most of a ground source heat pump. Watch for tips and tricks on boosting your RHI returns and saving more with smart controls. Plus, receive Kensa’s future e-news for all the latest case studies and blogs.

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From gas to ground source

Keith – grade II listed house

When Keith and his family moved to a spacious farmhouse in Cambridge, the 20-year-old gas boiler had to move out. The heating was pricey and the temperatures weren’t up to scratch.

Eager to step away from fossil fuel reliance, Keith opted for ground source heating.

We realised that we could get the whole thing paid for with the Renewable Heat Incentive, including the installation.Plus, we’ve ended up with a system where the yearly cost of electricity is less than we would have been paying for gas.



Enlist Britain's no.1 ground source manufacturer

Why choose a Kensa heat pump to do the job?

•  Kensa is solely committed to manufacturing ground source technology, which means there’s more room to create the best, most efficient heating and hot water for your home.

•  Manufactured in our very own factory in Cornwall, our ground source heat pumps are made especially for British buildings. This makes them simple to install and perfectly compatible with British homes.

•  Your investment pays back in many ways – the RHI, reduced bills, carbon savings, and even in our aftersales support. Our dedicated technical support team is only a call away throughout the lifetime of your heat pump.

• Kensa’s heat pumps are cleverly designed to work with any smart control app or system – an energy-saving phenomenon that adds to the ingenuity of time-of-use electricity tariffs.


Kensa’s technical support: five stars all round

"I am delighted with the service provided by Kensa. I purchased a ground source heat pump from this company in 2014 and I have been very pleased with my purchase. I am very happy to recommend this company to anyone considering to invest in a ground source heat pump."

5 Star Reviews

"Well, Kensa technicians continue to do a wonderful job. We installed our heat pump back in 2007. Paid a fair price, got a grant towards the cost and have benefited from cheaper heating ever since."

5 Star Reviews


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*£26,000 RHI figure is based on a typical self-build project. See full details here.

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