MCS Umbrella

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certifies microgeneration technologies used to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources.

It is an eligibility requirement for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) that every ground source heat pump installation needs to be accredited under the scheme.

For homeowners and self builders

Kensa has a UK wide network of approved installers who can undertake the installation of your ground source heat pump for you.

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If you already have a preferred heating and plumbing installer, you can take advantage of Kensa’s unique MCS Umbrella service to ensure you receive a fully certified installation that meets MCS standards and qualifies for the RHI.

For installers

The Kensa MCS Umbrella Scheme is a vital tool in offering support to both non-MCS and MCS approved installers seeking expert advice and technical assistance with ground source heat pump installations.

From comprehensive training through to complete installation and commissioning support, Kensa’s MCS Umbrella Scheme provides unique support to help installers achieve ground source heat pump MCS accreditation and expand their repertoire with the reassurance of a UK market leader behind them.

The MCS Umbrella Scheme is therefore equally applicable to:

  • Heating and plumbing engineers that are part of a Competent Persons Scheme;
  • Non-MCS installers wishing to enter the renewables sector;
  • Installers who are MCS approved for air source only, but wish to diversify their offering;
  • Installers who are currently MCS approved for both ground source and air source, but in practice have little or no experience of ground source.

What Kensa's MCS Umbrella covers

Under the scheme, Kensa takes MCS responsibility for the sizing, specification, appropriate quotation, commissioning and MCS registration of the ground source heat pump system.

For the non-MCS installer, this offers a one-stop-shop solution to compliance, while for the inexperienced MCS ground source heat pumps installer it removes the initial headache of the ground source specific design elements.

The table opposite shows the services included within the scope of the MCS Umbrella Scheme (per property).

*Discounted MCS Umbrella service available if room by room heat losses to be provided by the installer.

Kensa offered a unique option whereby they supported and commissioned the system using their MCS Umbrella. This worked well for me and it was all straightforward.

Stephen Chidgey, Selfbuilder