The UK’s largest ground source heat pump gas replacement programme in tower blocks

In this video, energy and regeneration specialist, ENGIE discusses this innovative ‘Core 364Gentoo Group project; enlisting Kensa Contracting as their specialist ground source heat pump delivery partner to replace gas in 7 tower blocks with the installation of 364 Kensa ground source heat pumps.

Individual ‘Shoebox’ ground source heat pumps will be installed into each flat connected to a fifth generation district heating system of ambient shared ground loop arrays. The heat source for which will be provided by an underground aquifer, accessed via open loop boreholes.

The ambient system prevents heat losses, overcomes overheating in the tower block communal areas, and boosts the system efficiency. The decentralised heat pumps will provide heating independence to the tenants, with each able to shop around for the cheapest electricity deal, whilst reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 70% per year (420 tonnes) and improving local air quality.

In addition to the removal of the gas supply to the tower blocks, the Gentoo scheme will see further improvements including; the installation smart meters and sprinklers as well as upgrades to the incoming electricity supply, fire alarm and detection systems.

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