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Kensa Heat Pumps is the UKs number one ground source heat pump manufacturer and supplier (Source: BSRIA 2019).

Kensa manufactures the widest range of ground source heat pumps specifically engineered for British properties.

To find your ideal Kensa ground source heat pump browse our product range, visit our Solution Centre, explore ground source heat pump costs for popular project types, or for heat pump prices for your project get a free quote.

Evo Ground Source Heat Pump

Introducing an evolutionary new ground source heat pump series.

The new Evo Ground Source Heat Pump Series features 7kW, 9kW, 13kW and 17kW single phase models and a 15kW three phase unit. The elegant, simple-to-install, and ErP A++ rated Evo Series offers a 15% gain in efficiency and low noise outputs, perfect for medium to large homes.

Explore example Evo ground source heat pump costs in our new Solution Centre.

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Shoebox Ground Source Heat Pump

The Kensa Shoebox Ground Source Heat Pump Series features the quietest, smallest and most innovative ground source heat pump on the market.

Available in 3kW single compressor models and 6kW twin compressor models, the award-winning Kensa Shoebox Series is an efficient, practical and affordable heating solution engineered to provide both heating and hot water in new build and retrofit multi-dwellings and starter homes.

Explore example Shoebox ground source heat pump costs in our new Solution Centre.

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Twin Compact Ground Source Heat Pump

Kensa’s Twin Compact Ground Source Heat Pump Series provides greater heat output for larger domestic and small to medium sized commercial applications.

Uniquely, the Twin Compact Series includes a 24kW single phase model; the largest single phase ground source heat pump on the market.

Explore example Twin Compact ground source heat pump costs in our new Solution Centre.

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Commercial Plant Room Ground Source Heat Pump

The Commercial Plant Room Ground Source Heat Pump Series comprises modular three phase combinations to provide tailored outputs for high heat demands of commercial applications.

Explore example Commercial Plant Room ground source heat pump costs in our new Solution Centre.


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Kensa manufactures and supplies a range of accessories that complement the full suite of Kensa ground source heat pumps.

Including on-site manufactured pre-coiled slinky pipe and an extensive range of manifolds, Kensa’s accessories enable ease of ordering and installation.

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Kensa Ground Source Heat Pump Pre-Coiled Slinky Pipe

Rewarding British engineering

MCS accredited & RHI eligible

Kensa Heat Pumps offers multiple ground source solutions for a diverse number of applications and specifications, capable of working with a number of heat sources depending on your location, budget and preference.  And of course, all Kensa products are MCS accredited, providing eligibility for the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) and access to the ECO.

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Made in the UK for the UK

Each Kensa ground source heat pump is hand built in the UK at Kensa’s premises in Cornwall to cater to bespoke requirements, using the finest quality components sourced from leading British and European suppliers. Each unit is designed specifically for the UK market and British climate, ensuring it is easy and affordable to install, and provides efficient heat and hot water all year round.

Added benefits

24/7 heating and hot water, with reduced running costs

Kensa heat pumps are sized to provide 100% of your heating and hot water needs all year round, without the need for immersion heaters, reducing energy bills even further.

Low cost of ownership

With no need for annual maintenance, a 40 year system lifetime*, and a five year guarantee, you can enjoy long term savings and peace of mind. Plus the reduced CO2 emissions limit the cost to our environment.

Quick and low cost install

All Kensa units are based on traditional boiler architecture, so are quick and easy to install by any plumber.

*Ofgem has confirmed an expected system lifetime of at least 40 years, being a blended average of the lifetime for the heat pump and its ground array


No noxious gasses or risk of combustion

Ground source heat pumps means carry no risk of combustion, noxious gases or smells which could otherwise lead to health hazards.

Combat local air pollution

Ground source heat pumps are electrically driven devices with no combustion, so there are no point of use emissions, such as Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Sulphur Oxides (SOx) or Carbon Dioxide (CO²).

Can be used for cooling

Can be used to provide passive and active cooling to buildings.

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Knowledge transfer

Kensa works with self builders, installers, developers and housing associations to provide a complete turnkey package, whether this involves pre-sales advice, grant support, training, system design, or project management. And as we are a proud private UK company which invests in people, you can be assured you will receive an exceptional service from the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable ground source experts.

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Comprehensive technical support

Kensa’s award-winning service is led by the UK’s experts in ground source heat pump technology, ensuring the best advice and support before, during, and after installation.

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Kensa are excellent; their equipment is competitively priced and is suitable for the British situation.

Richard Lea, Homeowner