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Fitted with two compressors, Kensa’s Twin Compact boasts a big heat capacity, including the largest single phase ground source heat pump on the market.


Series features 12kW – 30kW models, including:

  • 24kW single phase model.
  • High Temperature models designed for larger, older properties.
  • Three phase models suited to particularly large properties.
  • Hybrid models blending the efficiency of standard models with the output of high temperature models.
  • Dimensions HxWxL (mm) – 900 x 900 x 570

Ideal for:

Large domestic and small to medium sized commercial applications.ErP a++


  • 16kW, 20kW and 24kW models deliver temperatures to 50°C.
  • 12kW and 17kW High Temperature models deliver temperatures to 60°C.
  • 15kW and 21kW Hybrid models blends R134a and R407c refrigerant to deliver efficient space heating and high water temperatures to 60°C.
  • 20kW, 24kW, and 30kW Three Phase models suit high heat demands of larger, three phase properties.


  • High specification acoustic hoods and double vibration isolation reduce noise and vibration.


  • Designed to be installed within an out-house building or protective shelter.
  • Bespoke shelter’s manufactured from recycled plastic are available from Kensa.
  • Speedfit connections located underneath the unit allow fast installation.

Power saving

  • DNO friendly ‘Soft Starts’ fitted as standard to ensure peak starting load is minimised.
  • Two temperature set points (one for heating and one for domestic hot water) produce the required heating at the highest efficiency without the need for costly direct immersion heaters.
  • Ability to modulate between full and half loads to reduce power consumption and running costs.
  • Weather compensation fitted as standard.


  • Ground and underfloor circulation pumps.
  • Copeland scroll compressor with a minimum design life of 20 years.
  • In-built integral water pumps.
  • In-built sensors and probes to enable remote commissioning.


  • 5 year warranty for the heat pump unit.
  • 2 year warranty for the controller and water pumps.
  • 2 year internals warranty.


  • MCS
  • ISO9001

Twin Compact Series Technical Specifications

Model RangeStandardStandardStandardHigh TemperatureHigh TemperatureHybridHybridThree PhaseThree PhaseThree Phase
Nominal thermal kW rating at B0/W3516202412171521202430
Nominal thermal kW rating at B0/W6011.315.3
Nominal thermal kW rating at B0/W651115
Part NumberC160-T1HC200-T1HC240-T1HH124-T1HH170-T1HM150-T1HM210-T1HC200-T3HC240-T3HC300-T3H
MCS ApprovedBBA0055/07BBA0055/08BBA0055/09BBA0055/28BBA0055/29BBA0055/32BBA0055/33BBA0055/13BBA0055/14BBA0055/15
Performance data - rated heating output at B0/W35 BS EN14511
Power consumption5.
Co-efficient of Performance at B0/W354.
Co-efficient of Performance at B0/W652.082.12.312.392.3
ErP performance (based on Average Climate) @ 35°CA++A+A+A++A++A++A+A++A+A+
ErP performance (based on Average Climate) @ 55°CA+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+
Immersion heater outputKensa heat pumps do not feature back-up electric immersion heaters
Brine (primary): Based on 0°C in / -4°C
Design flow rate kg/min52.761.275.43943.947.1670.1461.576.291.6
Pressure drop kPa at design flow rate11.215.322.26.7912.7612.822.715.422.631.5
Max inlet temperature °C15151520201515202020
Min temperature °C (outlet)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)
Heating water (secondary): Based on 30°C in / 35°C out
Design flow rate l/min50.658.47240.248.844.0361.8658.271.885.9
Pressure drop kPa at design flow rate9.312.318.75.948.717.113.912.318.626.5
Max flow temperature °C***55555565656565555555
Electrical values at B0/W35
Rated voltage220 - 240V / 50Hz220 - 240V / 50Hz220 - 240V / 50Hz220 - 240V / 50Hz220 - 240V / 50Hz220 - 240V / 50Hz220 - 240V / 50Hz400 V / 50 - 60 Hz400 V / 50 - 60 Hz400 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Power supply rating amps63636350605060253232
Rated current (max) amps43.752.565.442.952.2435818.923.627
Typical running current at B0/W35 amps27.42835.426.927.9252912.215.217.5
Starting current amps ****44444842424448556879
Refrigerant circuit
Process mediumR407CR407CR407CR134aR134aR407c/R134aR407c/R134aR407CR407CR407C
Fill volume kg2.22.42.622.61.0 / 1.41.3 /
Compressor typeScrollScrollScrollScrollScrollScrollScrollScrollScrollScroll
H X W X L (mm)900 x 900 x 570900 x 900 x 570900 x 900 x 570900 x 900 x 570900 x 900 x 570900 x 900 x 570900 x 900 x 570900 x 900 x 570900 x 900 x 570900 x 900 x 570
Dry weight kg167170180165167167180170180185
Operating pressure
Brine circuit min (primary) bar g0.
Heating water circuit min (secondary) bar g0.
Low pressure reset bar g1.
Connection sizes
Primary IN and OUT (speedfit) mm50505028505050505050
Heating flow and return (speedfit) mm28282828502828282828
Sound Power Level
Sound Power Level (dB)58596164606663595959

* The COP figure quoted is calculated as per EN14511

** In-built immersion heaters will increase running costs and CO2 emissions as they use direct electricity, because of this Kensa heat pumps do not include them.

*** By increasing the flow temperature from the heat pump the efficiency of the unit will drop and the COP decreases.

**** Kensa single pumps heat pumps incorporate smart starts as standard to limit the starting current of the compressors. For full details on how the starting currents are calculated please contact Kensa.

Note: Design flow rates are for a ground temperature of 0°C and –4°C and a load temperature of 30°C and 35°C.

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