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Kensa ground source heat pumps are ideal for heating self builds and renovations, saving you money on heating bills and maintenance, and generating a guaranteed quarterly income through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI); seven years income for single builds, twenty years income for multiple units.

As the UKs number one manufacturer of ground source heat pumps, together with our unique Kensa Underground Network of installers, you will receive practical, honest, and expert advice with free support to identify and install the perfect ground source heat pump for your project and access the best RHI income stream to offset your project costs.

Liminal House - Kensa Heat Pumps


  • Lower your CO2 emissions;
  • Provide 100% of your heating and hot water;
  • 55 – 65C domestic hot water;
  • 365 days of guaranteed heat and hot water.

Costed Examples

One Building

Homeowners linking one property to a Kensa ground source heat pump system can receive a guaranteed 7 year income through the Government’s Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

This ground source heat pump set up can save you between £3.2K and £16.2K over 7 years, compared to an LPG boiler.

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Standard System Slinkies Evo

Multiple Buildings

If your property has multiple buildings and outhouses, linking individual ground source heat pumps within these to a Shared Ground Loop Array unlocks lucrative Non Domestic RHI funding.

This ground source heat pump set up can save you between £170K and £220K over 20 years, compared to an LPG boiler.

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Micro District System on Slinkies LKPD

Which RHI is Right For Me?

In this example, a single domestic property is linked to a single ground array.

This scenario is eligible for the Domestic RHI.

More RHI options

In this example, multiple buildings with their own EPCs are linked by a shared ground array..

This scenario is eligible for the Non Domestic RHI.

Domestic RHI Calculator

Building your own home can be incredibly rewarding – and thanks to the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) you also get rewarded for the heat your home uses!

See what you could save and make: Visit the new RHI Calculator.

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RHI Calculator for ground source heat pump cost and RHI payments

I love the technology – the idea of harnessing free heat from the ground is so simple and Kensa’s kit is top of the range. I often show visitors our heat pump unit and they are blown away by the efficiency and simplicity of our heating system. I’m really pleased with how it’s working.

Richard Waterstone, Homeowner

The money we get back from the RHI more than offsets the capital costs. If it makes economic sense then it would be lunacy not to do it!

Alistair Mackintosh, Homeowner

I loved the service I received from Kensa; they gave me lots of information and constant support. They went above and beyond in terms of the customer service.

If I was to offer advice to anyone thinking of installing a ground source heat pump, I would say don’t hesitate, but definitely talk to Kensa – they are experts and know what they’re doing.

Mr Lester, Homeowner

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