Water: Pond Mats & Open Loop

Kensa water source heat pumps use lakes, ponds, rivers, and even the sea, to provide ultra-efficient ground source heat pump installations.

Go with the flow

Ground source heat pumps work especially well with water sources, such as lakes, ponds and rivers, as water is an excellent conductor.

Kensa’s heat pumps have been used very effectively to extract heat energy from a variety of water sources to provide heating and hot water to buildings, boats and boat sheds!

  • The heat transfer rate from water is higher than that in the ground;
  • The water is in close contact with all of the pipe at all times enhancing it’s efficiency;
  • The flow/circulation of water provides constant energy replacement;
  • The use of a water source removes the need for digging or drilling, reducing the cost and duration of the installation;
  • The return temperature to the heat pump is generally 5-6°C higher than ground collectors, increasing the efficiency of the heat pump.

All at sea

Kensa’s very first heat pump in 1999 was designed to be installed on board a boat and uses sea water as the energy source. Indeed, all Tamar Class RNLI lifeboats have Kensa heat pump systems on board to keep the crew comfortable in high or low temperature conditions

Many RNLI life boat stations also use Kensa sea water sourced heat pumps to heat the buildings.


Water collectors

Typically water collectors take the form of closed loop Kensa pond mats constructed of slinky pipe attached to corrosion resistant stainless steel frames which are sunk to the bottom of the water source, however open loop methods can be employed, although consideration of the corrosive nature of saltwater on the ground source heat pump should be considered if open loop is to be used.

Boreholes can also be used to extract energy in certain uses of water sources.

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